Friday, March 26, 2010

Recent Reads

I've been working on articles and the Swamp Thing book, which has left little time for blogging, but here are a couple of books that have grabbed my attention recently:

I love Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics (and the sequels), but I'd never read any of his fiction, until now. This book reprints the black and white issues of his 1980s series Zot! This is a refeshing take on superheroes that recaptures much of the lost innocence of this post-Watchmen/Dark Knight genre. The storylines are emotionally engaging and McCloud's clear-line style is attractive. I'm hunting down the original colour issues which preceed this, and looking forward to him finishing his current work-in-progress, which is a return to fiction.

This was an unexpected pleasure. Despite being a fan of some of Millar's work (Ultimates and Red Son particularly), I've never really taken to Wolverine as a character (he's just too dark and violent for me) and so I didn't hold out much hope for this volume.

I was wrong. It's excellent. It's heavily informed by a western vibe, and the idea of a pacifist Wolverine is one that really engaged my attention through the whole book.
More posts will follow soon!

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