Current work:

Work for Sequart. Please see my author page for a complete list, which includes columns on the Moore - Bissette - Totleben - Veitch Swamp Thing issues, which I am revising and expanding for book publication, and columns on other comics work.

Research on intertextuality in the works of Alan Moore. Currently undertaken as PhD studies at Glyndwr University, Wrexham, UK.

Previous work:

Author Profile: Alan Moore - Hub #34 (Nov 24th 2007)

'Demons' review - Hub #75 (Feb 15th Feb 2009)

'The Unblemished' review - Hub #80 (March 22nd 2009)

Review of Reading Comics: How They Work and What They Mean by Douglas Wolk- for Studies in Comics 1:1
(April 2010)

Greenwoods Encyclopedia of Comics and Graphic Novels  (published May 2010)
Entries on:
Science Fiction
Seaguy by Morrison and Stewart
Lost Girls by Moore and Gebbie

'The Bojeffries Saga' - article for Crikey! magazine, issue 16 (published August 2010).

'Hitler in British Comics' - article for the Crikey! special  (electronically published August 2011).

Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Heroes & Superheroes (published April 2012 from Salem Press)
Entry on V for Vendetta

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